Acoustic|aNueNue's production of an 8 minute video showcasing the production

Acoustic|aNueNue's production of an 8 minute video showcasing the production
Acoustic Future craftsmanship is not just simply perfect workmanship
The handmade guitar we pursue is the embodiment of ideas and the implementation of ideas, giving wood a whole new life
Although the Future Guitar's production process takes more than 3-5 times longer than the average handmade guitar
the essence of technology, emotion and soul lasts within the craft

It is a lifestyle.


 In three years time, this culmination is a joint development by aNueNue's ideal vision for handmade guitars along with the Japanese master luthier Kenji Sugita, along with the efforts of our High-level team and multiple professional collaboration, from Japan to Taiwan, and in Guangzhou, the "Guitar Future" series is finally released in 2020.

Like an artform, with various details from wood selection in stable years, aNueNue classic bird guitar barrel, perfect resonance "Coherence Vibration" strength wood design, tuning the perfectly balanced resonance intensity panel, creating an unique guitar tone. 

To ensure a stable structure, traditional Spanish neck joing or dovetails are embedded, an eye-catching three-dimensional polygonal cutting headstock installed with Gotoh 510 tuners that sports the 1:21 gear type pegs. Bevel cutaway allow easy access to higher register frets, compliment by the Japanese fine woodwork Yoseki Zaiku Marquetry, the straight strings pull through the nut aid stable tuning, the ladder-type nut and saddle made from oil-soaked buffalo bones for sustaining the balance of the string tension, smooth hand-polished drop shape girder, with the ebony fretboard to reach high frequencies, the 21 fret wider playing range, and the dense ebony bridge that supports the tension of the back strings, and more. Definitely worthy of detail exploration and indulgence of its fine acoustics.


aNueNue 2020 Initial Piece - AcousticFuture

aNueNue x Sugita Kenji

2020.02.01 Official Release


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